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Read my publications based on research, country assessment, interviews, technical reports and program analysis. Order your scientific and evidence based publications, commercial articles, educational materials or web-publications on various health topics with us!



Please find a selection of our previous publications on this page.


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Acknowledged Contribution: 2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review  - World Health Organization (WHO)

‘2nd Global Nutrition Policy Review, country progress in creating enabling policy environments for promoting healthy diets and nutrition’, Switzerland 2018

Natural Herbs

Use of nutrients of herbs in nutrition - Polozkova V.A. Glushkova A.A.

Development Trajectories, section 4 trends in technology and industry development, materials of the 1 international scientific- practical conference, West-Ost Publishing House Berlin, December 2017

Zero Waste Shop

The world market of mushrooms production on an industrial basis. - Melkishev E.N. & Polozkova V.A.

Present Innovative Technologies in economics, science and education, materials of the 1 scientific-practical conference, West-Ost Publishing House Berlin, ISBN 978-386297-019-3 pages 60-66, November 2017.

Tax Income Reports

Acknowledged Contribution: Global Nutrition Report 2016 - International Food Policy Research Institute.

Global Nutrition Report 2016: From Promise to Impact: Ending Malnutrition by 2030. Washington, DC. 2016

Healthy Food

Dietary protein intake: how much is enough? - Polozkova VA. 

Total Health Magazine, Issue June 2016. Page 28-29.

Depending on the health condition and activity pattern the protein intake requirement might vary from person to person and so do recommendations when looking around internet sources. But how much is enough? Read the full magazine or only the article in pdf here.

Image by Lukas Blazek

Policy developments and effective measures directed towards reduction of nutrition related non-communicable diseases in CIS. |- Veronika Polozkova, Geert van Etten, Liezel Wolmarans.

Authors: Veronika Polozkova, Geert van Etten, Liezel Wolmarans.  Published by European Federation of the associations of dietitians (EFAD) e-journal, Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2015.

Free Tastings

Sensations, Eating Habits and Healthy Diet - Total Health Magazine | May 2015

Article on the issue of how sensory triggers influence our eating habits and what can be done to increase the sensitivity of your sensory system. Read about the value of the look, smell, taste and texture of products in our article in the Total Health Online Magazine, May 2015


Download PDF to read the article or read full magazine on Total Health.


Success story: Kazakhstan - November 2015

Kazakhstant makes progress in climate change adaptation and fight agains tobacco (Russian).


Success in fight against NCDs in Uzbekistan - July 2015

Uzbekistan has taken successful measures to reduce injuries and prevent noncommunicable diseases (Russian)


Azerbaijan achieves success in fight against TB - March 2015

Prevalence of tuberculosis (TB) in Azerbaijan decreased, what could be partially be attributed to implementation of integrated TB control  programmes in places of detention delivered with support of Ministry of Justice (Russian)


Tajikistan emphasizes safe food, drinking water, polio vaccination for better health - February 2015

Tajikistan takes effort to improve population’s health trough implementation of programmes that improve access to safe food and drinking water and succeeded in reaching high polio immunization coverage (English and Russian)


Public Health in the Russian Federation: main problems and achievements - October 2014

What challenges has public health sector faced the recent years and what developments has been made? Please read our report on the achievements made in the Russian Federation. (Russian) 


Kyrgyzstan is taking measures to protect health from climate change - September 2014

Global climate has been changing rapidly what also influences population’s health. Therefore there is need to take measures and adopt health care systems. Kyrgyzstan has already achieved some results in protecting population’s health from climate change. Please read our report on developments on the made progress.(Russian)

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Global nutrition policy review: What does it take to scale up nutrition? - 2013 

Acknowledged Contribution: Global Nutrition Policy Review  - World Health Organization (WHO).

‘Global Nutrition Policy Review, what does it take to scale up nitration?’, Switzerland 2013

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Health Solutions

by Veronika Polozkova

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