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Need inspiration for your project or want to know what Health Solutions is capable of? Please review our project portfolio of past and ongoing projects. 

We specialize in research, publications, curriculum development, health education, health promotion, branding and menu planning.

Contact us to brainstorm about customized service for you. 



Training Development - Laudius Training Institute  2022 - ongoing

Development of interactive online training courses, lesson and assessment materials (technical curriculum, lesson content and visual design) for adult learning training course on natural nutrition. Facilitating the course for students and performing homework assessment. Click here for the launched courses. 

World Health Organization

Research and Policy Analysis - World Health Organization (WHO)  2014 - ongoing

Health and Nutrition policy analysis and validation on the matter of global target achievement and update of the Global Infobase for Nutrition Action (GINA). Acknowledged contributions to 3 Global reports (links on the publications page). Number 1 contributor to GINA in 2018 and 2019 with over 150 published documents. Policies from 27 different countries validated


Culture of Quality - Communication and Engagement - Danone 2018 - ongoing

Managing Culture of Quality program globally. Developing  implementation tools and communication materials, organizing global meeting and events, determining communications for quality and engagement strategy, coordinating local implementation of the program in 64 entities.


Online Tutoring (Health Education) - TutorMe 2017- ongoing 


Tutoring students online on various health topics. Video and chat  tutoring (academic level)


Lecturing Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics - NTI 2017- ongoing 

​Delivering lectures at the NTI Institute, the Netherlands (1-4 the year Bachelor of Science). Topics: International Nutrition Research; Health Promotion; E-Health; Communication Skills; Sensory Research Fundamentals of Healthy Nutrition; Advisory Practice.

Friesland Campina.png

Change Strategy Communication Tools - Friesland Campina 2020 - 2021

Developing strategic communication package to share and engage on chane. Design of accompanying tools for internal corporate transformation phase implementation.


Public Health and Tropical Diseases Training - Indonesia 2019

Developing curriculum for Green Lion and training facilitation at Atlantic University. Topics: Personal Hygiene, Hand-washing, Nutrition, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Malaria, Rabies

Friesland Campina.png

Academic training development on health promotion and healthy lifestyle - NTI 2017


Training content: materials and presentations for 6 hour workshop (2x); e-learning module; course manual, train the trainer materials, video tutorial.


Research Proposals Evaluation  - EraNet Plus 2015-2017

Scientific evaluations of health research proposals on: innovation, value to the field, results sustainability, stakeholder’s competence and objectiveness of financial request. ERA.NET supports research exchange between EU and Russia with funding, management, communications and marketing. 

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Academic Teaching - Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) 2015-2017

Education of health professionals in Environmental Health (EH),  Health Promotion (HP). and Disease Prevention (DP) 2x3 Hour training EH: Natural environment and health, Climate Change, Air & Water Pollution, Urbanization. 

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Curriculum Development for corporate trainings - Align Technology - 2016-2017

Curriculum development for on the job training (postgraduate level) 8 month project. New blended  learning curriculum development , training courses design (medical and skills). 


Developing E-learning courses -  2017

Created 26 online courses (e-learning).Published: Nutrition in Health Problems (9x); Public Health (6x); History of Health and Medicine (5x);  Health Claims; Environment and Health; Nutrition for Athletes


Healthy Habit Challenge - Health Promotion - 2015- 2019

Self generated project aimed to help making healthy behavior a daily habit. For 14 days we challenge participants on Facebook to adopt a healthy habit. During the challenge we provide daily posts that educate about health topics, & products and provide practical tips on how to make healthy behavior a habit. Delivered Challenge:

- Fruits & Vegetables Edition:  400g of fruits and vegetables every day: April 2015

- Water Edition: 2L of healthy liquids every day: March 2016

- Sport Edition: 15 minutes of physical activity daily: March 2017

- Summer FIT Edition: with Train2B: April 2019


2010 - 2014

Business Meeting

Research panel selection - Nivel 2014

Selection of 'Netherlands Research Panel on Chronic Diseases’ (NPCG) for Nivel (Netherlands Institute for Research in Healthcare). NPCG is a country wide panel of people with chronic diseases form 15 years of age, which will participate in research for four years. Random selection with cross-table method accompanied by the general practitioners was delivered. 

Office Work

Health care administration - Evenan 2014

Update of patient administration dossiers of Evean forced by the introduction of a new law on the delegation of responsibility for health administration do municipal authorities. Two month project, full patient database was updated 


Mineral Water: Market & Product Analysis 2014

Market and product analysis report on opportunities for introduction of a new mineral water brand (Gronings Rein Oerwater). For use by investors. 


Branding & Marketing: Fresh and Healthy Concept 2013

Branding report for Hotel Apple Inn for healthy breakfast and bar concept. Report includes calculations of nutritional values and marketing advise. For use by hospitality industry.


Menu planning - Apple Inn & Andante Hotels 2013

Do you need a unique menu for special occasion, extraordinary place or an event?  Surprise your guests with a real culinary adventure by providing original and healthy choices. Your specific request on diet composure and presentation will be carefully analyzed by a skilled dietitian. Offer more to your guests by presenting unique choices and healthy solutions. Our menus can be delivered with detailed nutritional value calculations, recopies and additional advice to enhance service and manage costs of your presentation


Brochure Healthy Nutrition for Children - De Smakelaar 2010

Information brochure for parents and educators about daily child nutrition with practical advises and tips.


Market analysis vitamine D supplements - Reade 2011

HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic

A desk-review based on a technical evaluation report on determinants of health for HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Dominican Republic. The document is for use by health professionals. (English)


Nutrition and ADHD - Huis vol Compassie 2010

Report and brochure for parents, supervisors, educators and health professionals that came from a cooperation with integrated psychiatric child and youth treatment center 'Huis vol Compassie'. Research focused on prevention and control of behavior problems in children with ADHD true nutritional interventions. (Dutch)


Nutrition Diaries - Various clients 2010-2012

Development of custom nutrition diaries for individual needs, medical practices or research interventions. Among others diaries for : protein malnutrition management, 24-hour recall diaries, 3-day intake diaries 


Sugar and Sweeteners 2010

Brochure for consumers that outlines benefits and harms of sugar and various natural and synthetic sweeteners. 


Fat and Cardiovascular Diseases 2010

Card/  poster about fats in food and their effect on the cardiovascular system. For use  in health facilities and privet practices.

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Health Solutions

by Veronika Polozkova

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