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The Healthy Habit Challenge is about motivating people to adopt healthy habits guided by professional tips. I started this voluntary initiative in 2015 on Facebook and now it has become a yearly event.

What is it about?

  • The challenge is about committing to a healthy habit for 14 days in a raw and keeping to it (hopefully longer!)

  • Participation is free of charge and the Facebook event is publicly accessible

  • The habit that needs to be kept is determined in advance. As soon as it happens, the event details are released on our Facebook page and News line on the home page. Keep an eye on it! 

  • Healthy Habit Challenge is normally in the spring, but we look forward to do it twice a year. Your input is welcome :)

  • Professional information and tips on how to maintain the habit best are provided daily during the challenge period.

  • To get more out of this challenge we advice all participants to be active group members and share their results and questions on the event page.

April 2019  Summer FIT Challenge

An integrative nutrition and physical activity challenge in collaboration with Train2B. Click here to visit 2019 event page

27 March -10 April 2017 Sport Edition

This challenge is about excercising daily for at least 15 minutes (extra) a day for 14 days. Click here to visit our 2017 event page

March 2016 Water Edition

the water challenge was about drinking 2 Liters of healthy drinks every day for 14 days. Click here to visit our 2016 event page

April 2015 First Challenge

First challenge was about eating 250gr. of fruits and 250gr. of vegetables every day for 14 days. Click here to visit 2015 event page

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Health Solutions

by Veronika Polozkova

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