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Commercial Consultancy Services

We offer various commercial consultancies to improve positioning of your goods and services and enhance your companies or product image. Experienced in market analysis, and marketing strategy development, (re) branding of goods and services into a health beneficial concepts, menu planning and delivery of promotion and information materials on various health, nutrition and lifestyle topics. 


Please see a sample of our work on this page or contact us for more information.

commercial project track

Health care administration: Evenan

Update of patient administration dossiers of Evean forced by the introduction of a new law on the delegation of responsibility for health administration do municipal authorities. Two month project, full patient database was updated

Market analysis vitamine D supplements

Research on availible vitamn D suplements on the market. 17 drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies and 3 online stores where visited to list availible products, dosage of pills and price. In total 14 trademarks were assessed sold in the Netherlands. Reccomendations included: dosage, price and distributer; as well as advise on use of suplements by various patient groups. 

Branding & Marketing: 

Fresh and Healthy Concept

Branding advise report on opportunities for introduction of healthy breakfast concept. For use by hospitality industry. Custom-made report includes calculations of nutritional values and marketing advise.

Mineral Water:

Market & Product Analysis 

See an example of our analysis report on opportunities for introduction of a new mineral water. For use by investors. (Russian)


Menu planning

Do you need a unique menu for special occasion, extraordinary place or an event? We can compose a special menu for you. Surprise your guests with a real culinary adventure by providing original and healthy choices. Your specific request on diet composure and presentation will be carefully analyzed by a skilled dietitian.


Offer more to your guests by presenting unique choices and healthy solutions.


Our menus can be delivered with detailed nutritional value calculations, recepies and additional advice to enhance service and manage costs of your presentation

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Health Solutions

by Veronika Polozkova

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