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We deliver research based technical analysis and evaluation reports, user manuals (for patients and health professionals), guideline brochures, evidence based information and education materials. Our curriculum also includes market and product analysis reports.

past research experience

Policy analysis - World Health Organization (WHO)

2017: Health and Nutrition policy analysis and validation on the matter of global target achievement and update of the Global Infobase for Nutrition Action (GINA). 2015/2016:  Health and Nutrition policy analysis and validation for the Global Nutrition Report 2016. Reviewed 103 Policy documents from 11 countries; acknowledged contribution to the report.  

Research panel selection

At Nivel (Netherlands Institute for Research in Healthcare) a selection of research panel for the ‘Netherlands Research Panel on Chronic Diseases’ (NPCG) was performed. NPCG is a country wide panel of people with chronic diseases form 15 years of age, which will participate in research for four years. Random selection with cross-table method accompanied by the general practitioners was delivered.  

Research proposals evaluation

Scientific evaluations of health research proposals. Proposals were evaluated by innovation, contributive value to the field, sustainability of results, stakeholder’s competence and objectiveness of financial request. Assigned by ERA.NET Plus that promotes research exchange between EU and Russia with multilateral funding, management of communications and marketing. 

Analysis Report: Mineral Water Market

Market and product analysis report on opportunities for introduction of new mineral water brand.  The document is for use 


HIV/AIDS in the Dominican Republic

A desk-review based on a technical evaluation report on determinants of health for HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Dominican Republic. The document is for use by health professionals.(English)


Nutrition and ADHD

Report and brochure for parents, supervisors, educators and health professionals that came from a cooperation with integrated psychiatric child and youth treatment center 'Huis vol Compassie'. Research focused on prevention and control of behavior problems in children with ADHD true nutritional interventions. (Dutch)

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by Veronika Polozkova

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